Specialist Vehicle Hire

We have a team of reservation agents that specialise in finding weird and wonderful hire vehicles, who relish a challenge!


Our portfolio of specialist vehicles for hire is expansive and combines high-quality vehicles to cater for a number of different requirements, ranging from dual control car hire to refrigerated vehicle rental and everything in between.


Types of specialist vehicle hire that we provide include, but are not limited to:

  • Refrigerated-vehicles

    Refrigerated vehicles

  • Wheelchair-accessible-vehicles

    Wheelchair accessible vehicles

  • Prestige-Cars

    Prestige Cars

  • Dual-control-cars

    Dual control cars

  • Chapter-8-vehicles-and-Mess-vehicles

    Chapter 8 vehicles

  • welfare-mess

    Welfare & Mess vehicles

  • Waste-disposal-vehicles

    Waste disposal vehicles

  • Crane-and-Grab-vehicles

    Crane / Grab vehicles

Specialist Vehicles

For as long as you need

Specialist vehicle rentals may be short term (from one day plus) or on a long term ongoing basis.

Get in touch with us today with your specialist vehicle rental needs and we can provide you with a competitive quote.

Interested in Specialist Vehicle Hire?

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